LabDAO and Cromatic – a natural symbiosis

LabDAO is a community seeking to close the gaps between those who fund science, those who conduct science, and the experimental tools necessary to push research forward – everyone should be able to apply for scientific funding and access scientific tooling. Inspired by the power of open-source that transformed information technology over the past decades, the steward team is building tools that facilitate sharing of resources in biological research and development.

LabDAO’s vision aligns deeply with Cromatic’s mission to support scientist-led companies – in pursuit of these shared goals, we have formed a natural symbiosis. At Cromatic, we’ve written extensively about our commitment to founder-led biotech by enabling researchers to find a path to pursue their ideas without a physical lab space through contract research organizations (CROs). CROs can allow researchers to conduct experiments with tools or technical expertise that they may personally lack, or at scales that may be inaccessible to early founders. Through facilitated matching and project management with respected CROs, Cromatic provides the tools necessary for biotech newcomers and seasoned veterans alike to effectively navigate the outsourcing landscape.

This partnership brings Cromatic’s extensive CRO network and expertise in experimental outsourcing into the LabDAO community. Together, LabDAO and Cromatic will continue to build on the mission to accelerate the transformation of ideas into biological insight.